The rapid Rise of Ruben Gómez

Elvyna, Peak, Ski Watch, Interview Ruben

As a mountaineer, Ruben Gómez  has had an unusual journey. Originally from Valencia[1], he spent the summers of his childhood in the Pyrenees. This is where his attachment to the mountains grew steadily. He started practicing around twenty years old in a climbing hall, where he met his life and climbing partner, Ana Gracia. Ruben is now settled in Benasque, in the Pyrenees, living for his passion.

Today, he considers this mountain range as “the garden of his house”. A house he only leaves for his work as a firefighter in Zaragoza, or to aim for higher. To his credit, he has been in the Cordillera Blanca, in Peru, and twice in the Nepalese Himalaya. The last expedition has witnessed the ascent of a virgin peak of six thousand meters of altitude, with his wife and their friend Ángel Salamanca. Together, they form a solid group. Their name, The children of the Gorbea[2], was given as a tribute to some Basque friends who they encountered during their first Himalayan trip, in 2018. Two years later, Ruben’s team proudly earns their nomination to the Piolet d’Or[3], the highest award in the mountaineering field.

Elvyna, Peak, Ski Watch, Interview Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gómez on the Khumbu glacier, in Nepal.

When “the children of the Gorbea” leave Spain for the Nepalese glaciers, they have to be well informed on the temperatures. Their survival depends on it. Their recent discovery of the Peak , a winter sports watch equipped with a thermometer, was therefore well-timed. Ruben favours this feature, and states: “This will be very practical for us, and important for our safety.”

The outdoor watch designed by the brand Elvyna will fulfil another need of the group. The mountaineer admits he does not use his own altimeter. He confesses: “The classic altimeter is not convenient as it has to be always calibrated. There are also mobile apps, but it is not easy to take off your phone, that can also be out of charge…”. For all these reasons, he reckons the watch is very useful.

Elvyna, Peak, Interview, Ruben Gomez
For Ruben, the main asset of the Peak is its thermometer.

Ruben Gómez now sets his sight on a third adventure in The Himalayas. This will require a long logistical and physical preparation. Before each ascent, he practices running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. Because of the Covid-19, Ruben will only be able to visit the French Alps the coming winter. A golden opportunity to try out the Peak.


[1] In Spain, on the Mediterranean coast.

[2] Los chicos del Gorbea, in Spanish.

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