We are Alexandre & Vincent, brothers and founders of ELVYNA. Here is our story!​

Alexandre is a businessman deep down. Owing to his studies and experiences, he has developed a know-how and social skills in several fields. Bluetooth watch.

He started studying economics and management in college, where he improved his thoroughness while working on different projects. By specializing with a Master’s Degree in Purchasing and Innovation in Kedge Business School (France), he then started working in Procurement for different multinational companies. Thanks to his experiences, he has now gained knowledge in specific fields such as watches and textile. His last job abroad made him grow and since then, has been able to strengthen his capabilities in business strategy and project management.

Alexandre likes simple things and advocates common sense in all areas of life.

Elvyna Peak, Montre bluetooth, Ski Watch, Story Alexandre
Elvyna Peak, Montre bluetooth, Vincent, Fondateur, Business Start up

Vincent has more of a business-minded approach.

He started working early. Working in trade & commerce along with his studies, he was able to quickly capture knowledge in organization functioning. He began in the field of sales and soon headed towards retail sector. A hands-on man, Vincent developed his managerial vision and customer care mindset while leading teams during the last few years. He also gained skills in marketing and retail industries.

Always a perfectionist, Vincent is always adamant for a job well done. He likes to learn but even more to teach.

"Therefore, we complement one another while sharing the required skills to achieve our project."

Brothers, we share the same values, but even more. Our stances, our ideas and our desires are alike. We are efficient together because we are on the same wavelength.

This project came up with the association of two common hobbies: watches and outdoor activities (Skiing, snowboarding, hiking…). We have noticed that every big watch brand has created a strong bond between a sports hobby and its corporate brand image.

Elvyna Peak, Montre bluetooth, Montre ski, Story
Elvyna Peak, Montre bluetooth, Montre outdoor, montre snowboard, story

We then beg the question: how is skiing represented in the digital watch industry?

Given our experience and our studies, skiing is not commonly targeted in this industry. There is no watch brand that is specifically created for winter sports.

From an observation … an idea was born.

The product we will offer will be developed by ELVYNA. Our vision will bring it the modernity, the quality and the style we want. We wish to provide our customers a simple i-Tech device, capable of meeting the needs of the new generation and the expectations of the smart product’s trend. An oversized device with a refined and colorful design that matches the style of riders. And of course, a French touch qualitative and affordability.

Elvyna, Take a Peak, Bluetooth watch, Ski watch

"How do you do to check the time while skiing? You stop and take off your gloves? Or worse, you open your pocket to get your phone with your gloves? Risky, isn't it?"

Elvyna, Peak Black, Outdoor watch, Ski watch, Winter sports watch, montre ski

So we are designing our first product under the brand Elvyna. A watch designed for winter sports, worn on the wrist over the jacket and easy to use with the gloves.

It will help the user to check out the time and allow him to pick up the phone with style and no fuss thanks to the bluetooth watch.

"The multipurpose watch offers features such as altimeter and Bluetooth, ultimately combining practicality and style!"

Join ELVYNA adventure !